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International Women’s Day

Hammock Vibes

Here on the Isle of Paradise, we believe in great tans, good vibes and equality for all. That’s why when the chance comes to celebrate our fav babes, we do so enthusiastically with our arms wide open!

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to vocalise something we believe in doing all year round. Empowering women. Empowerment is the foundation that IoP was built on after all. Jules has spent most of his adult life making women look and feel their best through his amazing spray tans. (But don’t think for one moment we’re saying you have to be tanned to be confident BTW. It’s about finding what works for you and what makes you feel like a badass. If your most badass self is pale, or hates tanning then thats ALL GOOD. )

And as much as it’s the tans that give the feel-good factor, it’s the confidence that they can inspire in a person that really make the difference. Because confidence comes from inside YOU! It’s there and it radiates & glows from within. Although on IoP we’ve got your outer-glow down, here’s some of our top tips on International Women’s Day to inspire inner confidence and a glow from within for our badass women & girls all over planet earth ☺ :

Support and lift each other up:

Positivity inspires confidence. We come from a culture where women are picked apart for the choices they make or the things they do. Changing this is something that starts with us. The most powerful/badass way to inspire confidence is to lift other people up, not tear them down. It’s easier to give a compliment than it is to give an insult 🙂 Fact.

Take time for yourself.

Self-care is super important babe. Trust us. If that means taking a bath and putting on a mask after a hard day, do it! We 100% endorse this message.
*proceeds to use Jade Roller on face for extra 30 mins and is late for work*

Be inclusive.

International Women’s Day is not just for cis-women, promote and stand for inclusivity regardless of race, age, class, gender identity, or ethnicity. Everyone’s experience is valid and deserves equal respect and voice, so be educated and aware of experiences out with your own and stand up for others. The world is a more beautiful place when we share it together ☺

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