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Positive Vibes!

Hammock Vibes

We LIVE for comments like this!

Before launching Isle of Paradise, we wanted to trial our products and get some honest feedback from real people, so naturally we called on Jules’ family of podcast listeners.

We received this major email from the gorgeous @llolswebber

…’sooo exciting, I think you’re ace and I love fake tan so it’s the perfect combo.

Oh, and just a little “thank you” – I was a bit worried at first to agree to send you guys pics as most tan companies only seem to be interested in showing off teeny-tiny, gym-honed girls using their products. I do love the gym and can bench press a fair amount but am not anything close to a weeny size 8. However, I’ve started following your new insta page and I’m mega happy to see you guys embracing all girls that love to tan!

THANK YOU!!!!! Actually a massive thanks.

Nikki Xox’

ikki, we legit burst with excitement when we read this, thanks for the love! And we’re so happy that you’re loving the positive vibes on our IG.

Big love and Welcome aboard! 🙂 xx

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