Let’s Go Back To Basics… Tanning Like A Pro

Listen babe, we’re all pretty much masters of tanning now. With Jules’ Tip Tuesdays on IG where we host a weekly recap covering every possible hint, tip & hack out there, it’s pretty difficult not to pick up a thing or two. And, if you’re not already obsessed- then it’s time to tune in! 
But really, it does help to go back to basics, so we’re more informed and can glow better! Learning about the simplest things can make the biggest difference. So, let’s do it- welcome to tanning 101 babes- let’s dive in!

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Let’s talk product. Isle of Paradise has a format for everyBODY, so get ready to glow your way: 

  • Drops: Mix these custom self-tanning drops with your daily moisturiser for a custom glow. Easy, straightforward, and no-extra steps required. 
  • Water: Use our lightweight self-tanning water to mist onto skin for quick & easy tanning. We call this a spray tan in a bottle- it’s perfect for anyone who wants to tan in a flash, & the transparent formula guarantees a no-mess application, everytime!
  • Mousse: We’re still obsessed with this classic self-tanning format for full body tanning. Choose how you glow- clear or classic- and apply with your Isle of Paradise Tanning Mitt. It couldn’t be easier to master. 

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Each product is available in three colourcorrective shades, so always make sure to choose the right one for you: 

  • Light/Peach for a sun-kissed glow
  • Medium/Green for a golden tan
  • Dark/Violet for a deep bronze

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Now when it comes to application, each product has a different method to NAIL your glow. So listen up: 

  • Drops: Apply like your regular moisturiser with your hands. More drops = more glow!
  • Water: Spritz onto skin & blend with hands or a mitt
  • Mousse: Pump product onto tanning mitt & apply in sweeping motions

*remember to always wash your hands after application!

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