Babes, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that last year our founder Jules Von Hep released his e-book ‘Get Body Posi’. As the ultimate guide to self-acceptance, self-confidence & self-love, this has been our guide in the journey to becoming more positive in our day to day thought processes & habits, making us look & feel 10x better about ourselves. If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, don’t sweat, because this year we’re all about sharing the inner & outer glow with friends! So, here’s our quick 4 point recap of Jules’ body posi wisdom 🙂

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Total acceptance of your body

The journey to self-acceptance isn’t an easy one. Everyday we’re faced with two options, we can either obsess over & sweat the small stuff, or accept things as they are. Jules recommends you write down the things that worry you, or that you dislike about your body- it quickly becomes clear what the more fulfilling option is. Forgive yourself, and replace self-doubt with self-love. Accepting and loving ourselves in the now, is one of the most rewarding choices we can make. 

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Finding your happy

This is all about finding what you love, and doing it daily. By finding and feeding whatever makes you happy, you grow as a person and learn to love YOU so much more. Playing to your strengths and accepting your unique talents is a big part of this. So ask yourself- what makes YOU happy- travel, dance, art, singing? Find out what it is and DO IT! 

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Banishing comparison

One of the biggest obstacles to body acceptance & confidence, is comparison. The basic lesson here is that if you compare your life (or body) to others, you fall into a comparison trap, and will start to feel unhappy. It’s so simple once you know, so next time you feel that doubt creeping in- shut it down and stop it in its tracks. We believe in you, babe.   

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Bringing self-love to everyday

Bringing the self care rituals you use to unwind at the weekend to your everyday routine is a super easy way to find and grow your self-love. By letting go and feeding your happy, you can accept and feel at one with yourself. Whether you have 45 minutes, or just 5- it’s important to find that time for you. Whether that’s a great & full nights sleep, a long relaxing shower, or fun plans with friends- bring a little magic to your everyday!

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