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Our brand was built on the sole objective of diversifying the self-tan category – creating products that not only champion self-love and body positivity, but also that welcome people of all skin tones, sizes, genders and abilities. While we’ve already taken some steps in the right direction, we’ve also identified that we need to do more, starting here and now:

  • We’ve made a $10k donation to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • Listening, learning & working on how we, as a company, can be better partners to the Black community
  • We will match 100% of all donations our team members make to the charities of their choice fighting for racial injustices and inequality
  • We are devoted to attracting and hiring a more diverse team
  • We will continue to campaign and welcome people of all skin tones, sizes, genders, and abilities into the Isle of Paradise business and community

Above all, we are having conversations. We are educating ourselves and working to become better allies. We promise our commitment will be everlasting. We are fully committed to demonstrating this with our actions today, tomorrow – ALWAYS. 

We will continue to use the platforms we’ve built to celebrate diversity and inclusivity while empowering you to own your glow. With a stage and a voice, we will:



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