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Colourful and fun Illustration of a bottom with cellulite wearing a thong.
Babes, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that last year our founder Jules Von Hep released his e-book ‘Get Body Posi’. As the ultimate guide to self-acceptance, self-confidence & self-love, this has been our guide in the journey to becoming more positive in our day to day thought processes & habits, making us look & feel 10x better about ourselves. If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, don’t sweat, because this year we’re all about sharing the inner & outer glow with friends! So, here’s our quick 4 point recap of Jules’ body posi wisdom 🙂

Total acceptance of your body

The journey to self-acceptance isn’t an easy one. Everyday we’re faced with two options, we can either obsess over & sweat the small stuff, or accept things as they are. Jules recommends you write down the things that worry you, or that you dislike about your body- it quickly becomes clear what the more fulfilling option is. Forgive yourself, and replace self-doubt with self-love. Accepting and loving ourselves in the now, is one of the most rewarding choices we can make. 


Finding your happy

This is all about finding what you love, and doing it daily. By finding and feeding whatever makes you happy, you grow as a person and learn to love YOU so much more. Playing to your strengths and accepting your unique talents is a big part of this. So ask yourself- what makes YOU happy- travel, dance, art, singing? Find out what it is and DO IT! 


Banishing comparison

One of the biggest obstacles to body acceptance & confidence, is comparison. The basic lesson here is that if you compare your life (or body) to others, you fall into a comparison trap, and will start to feel unhappy. It’s so simple once you know, so next time you feel that doubt creeping in- shut it down and stop it in its tracks. We believe in you, babe.   


Bringing self-love to everyday

Bringing the self care rituals you use to unwind at the weekend to your everyday routine is a super easy way to find and grow your self-love. By letting go and feeding your happy, you can accept and feel at one with yourself. Whether you have 45 minutes, or just 5- it’s important to find that time for you. Whether that’s a great & full nights sleep, a long relaxing shower, or fun plans with friends- bring a little magic to your everyday!


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