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Our NEW HYGLO serums for Face and Body are powered by hydrating hyaluronic acid, nourishing superfood ingredients and the perfect amount of gradual glow. Choose HYGLO for brighter, dewier, plumper, hydrated, GLOWING skin!

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Our ideal Sunday: a bubble bath & self-tan✨

Refresh your glow with our Self-Tanning Water in 💕Light,💚Medium or 💜Dark! Which shade would you choose?👇

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📷: @gjdxo

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Are you a morning or night self-tanner?👇

Day Dew🧡
A self-tan face mist that combines antioxidant-rich & blue light protecting ingredients to visibly brighten and plump skin!

Night Glow💜
A relaxing, gradual self-tan face mist that hydrates & soothes skin while you sleep so you wake up glowing!

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📷: @amaka.hamelijnck

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Just in case you needed the reminder💖

📷: @mirrorsreflectyou

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@_emilysworld GLOWS in our self-tan & shares the importance of loving your body at every angle💖

"Remember whilst you scroll that we all look different ALL of the time and it is so easy to play the comparison game!🥴Give yourself a little nudge and remember highlight reel, highlight reel, highlight reel!!!!”

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Double the Self-Tan Drops, double the glow✨

For a limited time only, receive TWO of our Self-Tanning Drops for only $27.60 @qvc! That's 2 for the price of 1, babe😉

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Self-care Sunday includes refreshing our self-tan✨

@chloeplumstead uses our Glow Clear Mousse in Dark! Here’s 3 why you’ll love it👇

💜 Clear formula means zero transfer
💜 Clean ingredients
💜 Vegan & cruelty-free

🛍Shop now @sephora & @bootsuk babes.

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