If you’re not already following Olivia Rose Smith, then honestly babe, your feed is missing some serious fashion, beauty & lifestyle inspo.

As a devoted Isle of Paradise user, her glow is seriously, so we had Olivia talk us through her tanning routine, while answering your tanning queries for our IGTV is really fair and doesn’t feel confident- Isle of Paradise helps her to feel good about herself

She answered questions about self-love & body positivity.

She uses over it- smooths skin and removes all self-tan

Then layers up prep it- so refreshing- helps to get rid of any dry skin- great base

Ultra dark express- she always uses this- don’t have to sleep in it- its express so you shower it off after couple hour. 3 pumps and spreads on the mitt evenly leaves it for 3 hours – washes her hands off first


What actually is self-love?

Depends on the person- can be anything you want wine/tanning/meal- for Olivia it’s something she can do for her future self that it will thank you for. Going to the gym for just an hour makes a big difference- she loves cleaning and listening to a podcast.

What is the diff between self-love & body confidence?

Self-love is an action you take , where as confidence is how you feel

How do you tan your hands?

Olivia uses a Kabuki brush- she uses this on any tricky areas to blend it out. Great tip Olivia !

She also doesn’t tan her hands for as long a time as her body- she only leaves tan here for 1 hour.

Do you use ultra dark on your face?

I would but not with the mitt I use on the body. I use the same brush I use for my hands, not any extra product and I just buff out what’s already on there. Contour the areas of your face you would typically want to brighten- avoid your eyebrows!

How did you start excercise?

I changed my mindset- it’s not about calories, it’s about that feeling when you walk out. That’s a huge motivator for me. Its an instant effect not a cumulative effect

Olivia wears Ultra Dark Express Mousse

self-love is an action you take, where as confidence is how you feel

Olivia Rose Smith

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