In the first instalment of our IGTV series, ‘Dear Jules’, our founder and resident tanning expert Jules Von Hep answers all of your burning tanning questions. So buckle up babes, because we’re talking tanning mitt maintenance, first-times and making your glow last as long as humanly possible: 

How often should I wash my Self-Tanning Mitt:

You can feel on the surface of the mitt when it’s been used too much (usually more than 5x). Your mitt will look and feel dried out, and a little bit rough in texture. When it’s time to wash, do this on cold or by hand in the sink- then lay flat to air dry.

How do I avoid a harsh tan line around my hairline?

This is something I see a lot. Using the inside of a sports sock, or a textured mitt, flick the hair line, blending out any residue colour. This tip also applies to beards and the back of the hairline. For eyebrows, brush with a clean spoolie following application- this will lift any colour off for a flawless finish. 

Do I need to worry about tan coming off on my bed sheets?

NO! If you are using a tanning product without a guide colour, like our Self-Tanning Waters, Glow Clear Mousse or Self-Tanning Drops, you are safe! These have no guide colour, which means no transfer onto sheets! If you’re using our Classic Self-Tanning Mousse or our Ultra Dark Express Mousse, I recommend sleeping in pyjamas or covering yourself with a translucent powder to set the tan. Always be sure to tan at least an hour before bed- and remember, any transfer from these products will wash out in the machine. 

Do I need to worry about tan coming off on my bed sheetI’ve never used tanning products before, what’s a good way to start?

If you’ve never tanned before, Our Self-Tanning Drops are such an easy place to start- we moisturise our face and our body daily so there’s no additional steps- all you need to do is add the desired number of drops into your moisturiser. For the face, I recommend 2-4 drops and for body, per dollop of moisturiser, you should add a full dropper. Mix in the palms of your hands and then rub onto your skin. Easy!

How do I make my tan last?

  • Drink loads of water so you hydrate from the inside-out
  • Don’t take super hot showers- this makes skin shed faster
  • Avoid chlorinated water- this really does break down your tan faster
  • If you’re exercising- lightly tan every other day to maintain a consistent glow. 

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