Skin concern: pigmentation

Looking for a self-tanning solution to hyperpigmentation?The search is over. Factors like sun exposure and hormonal influences can lead to an increase in the production of melanin within the skin- giving an uneven tone. 

Our HyperViolet™ Complex fights signs of pigmentation within the skin to deliver the ultimate even-skin finish; neutralising orange tones and sallowness whilst increasing clarity and radiance on the skin. 

We include this active at a base level in every product, but it really shines in our Violet range.

Products for Pigmentation

the results

I have tried every self tan under the sun, because, ironically, I just can’t sit in the sun. Does nothing for me. I simply don’t tan. But with this product, I glow! I have tried the light and medium mousse too – and although I would probably be classed as fair, this dark works wonders for me. I just do one layer so it’s not too dark. Leaves me with a lovely natural glow. Doesn’t streak. Doesn’t stink. And gives me the most flawlessly tanned legs. Shins included.. because let’s face it – whose shins ever tan properly?!


It delivers an actually seamless, natural and dark looking tan. Not on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th application, but the FIRST time! I’m very pale and was hesitant about getting the “Dark” color, but I was sick of having to put multiple coats of Medium shades (of other brands) to notice hardly any color. This stuff shows up and looks like I just went on a tropical vacation in the best way possible.


This is a MIRACLE product. First, I love this company and how personalized my package was. This is so easy to apply. It took me less than 5 minutes and it smells AMAZING. I slept with it on and it didn’t transfer whatsoever. When I woke up, I had the most natural-looking tan with zero streaks! I don’t know how I lived without this. I will be repurchasing until I die!!!

Amy Lemenager

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