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Colour Correcting

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Why colour correcting?

Working on shoots, TV & backstage, Jules found himself customising his expert spray tans with colour correcting powders & concealers to create super bright, even skin tones as well as real looking tans - that’s where Isle of Paradise began! We include a base level of all our colour-correcting actives in each product, meaning no matter which Isle of Paradise product you choose, you’re still going to tick all those skin-loving boxes!

Why we LOVE colour correcting:

The idea behind colour correcting is essentially that of colour theory- opposite hues cancel each other out. Colour correct YOUR glow to:

– Reduce redness
– Brighten skin
– Even out discolouration (like hyper-pigmentation)
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Choose Peach for a LIGHT, sun-kissed glow.

OXY-glow™ Technology is derived from an organic compound of amino acids, clinically proven to deliver oxygen to the surface of the skin & give a brighter, more radiant complexion.





Choose Green for a MEDIUM, golden tan.

SuperBalance Complex™ is clinically proven to reduce redness & inflammation, as well as even tone using extracts from the Agastache Mexicana flower.





Choose Violet for a DARK, bronze.

HyperViolet™ Complex neutralises orange, yellow & ash tones within the skin to deliver the ultimate dark tan.


•Neutralises orange tones

•Increased clarity & radiance

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