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The Isle of Paradise Tanning Water is a quick and easy way to achieve a spray tan at home. Perfect for both face and body, our Self-Tanning Water absorbs in seconds with zero transfer, delivering your most hydrated glow EVER.

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For the ultimate light, sunk-kissed glow choose our peach shade – the colour-correcting actives brighten your skin. Our tanning mousse is also available in three shades.


Perfect for all skin tones and universally flattering, our green-toned tanning water cancels out red tones with colour-correcting actives for the perfect golden tan.


If you have a darker skin tone of you’re looking for a deeper bronze, choose our violet colour-correcting tanning water.

Applying Our Tanning Water

  1. The day before you tan, use an exfoliator
  2. Make sure you moisturise your elbows, feet, hands, ankles, knees, and any other dry areas before you apply your tan
  3. Mist until skin is totally saturated. Leave hands and feet until last, blending in sweeping motions with a tanning mitt, brush, or hands
  4. Thoroughly wash palms after use
  5. Wait 4–6 hours for your glow to develop


Used this for the first time last night and it is so lovely, the smell is amazing without any “biscuit” and it was very quick to apply as directed. Beautiful golden glow developed overnight, and no darker patches clinging to the usual places. Hardly used any of the product as well for an all over application. 10/10


Absolutely love this product! So easy to apply and has such a lovely colour, I have received many compliments about the glow I have after using the tanning water and I feel so great in the colour that it gives me!


I am in LOVE! I’m a complete tanning novice, so opted for the light version to avoid any disasters in case anything went wrong. I needn’t have worried – the application was super straightforward, quick and easy. The colour pay-off is AMAZING. My colleagues at work thought I’d been sunning myself somewhere over the weekend, but NOPE. Just the gorgeous magic that is IOP


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