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Meet Jules

Jules surrounded by 4 girls laughing

Well hello there!

I’m Jules Von Hep, celebrity tanning expert, lover of individuality, giver of glows, champion of body confidence and pioneer of feel good! I have worked in the tanning industry for over 10 years, bronzing up Hollywood’s finest and travelling the world with A List celebrities, getting models golden backstage at fashion week, in and out of celebrity homes and on and off TV sets.

Want to know where the Isle of Paradise was born?

For years I have worked backstage with make up artists creating flawless glowing and golden skin, giving my clients that confidence boost before they are photographed, but how could I take this skin perfecting to the next level? I began working with colour corrective make up after I had spray tanned my clients and ‘bang!’ – there was my lightbulb moment. Why couldn’t I combine the two – adding colour corrective technology into self tan? I was sick of working with the same product, tired of always having to work extra hard to get those flawless results, desperate for easy golden skin to be achieved at home for those who didn’t have experts like me on hand.
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Girl on floor kicking legs in the air

But why Paradise?

For me Paradise isn’t a tropical island. Paradise is a state of mind. It’s the little moments in life that you may remember forever – that brunch with your friends, the first time he/she held your hand in public, that rush of blood when you hear your favourite song for the first time – for me that’s paradise, and that’s what life is all about. Here on the Isle of Paradise we know we can’t give you your first kiss, or front row tickets to your favourite band, but what we can give you is incredible, glowing skin. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, nor do we get a second chance – so why not live this life looking and feeling our best, whatever shape or size we are, however we dress or whatever music we’re into – lets just be us. Individual, wonderful us.
Close up of girl with freckles holding bottle of Medium Self Tanning Water
Jules with Isle of paradise products

We’ve got you covered

We’ve created a range of products that suit all of our tanning needs –plus they come with added benefits of skin brightening, reduction in redness, the richest most natural looking tan possible, super food ingredients such as coconut and chia seed oil. As well as being fragranced with eycalyptus and peppermint inspired from my time when I lived in Australia.

Tanning just got a whole lot easier, more inclusive and more importantly – more fun. Welcome to the Isle of Paradise.

Jules x

Download your FREE Bodi Posi guide now! Download here
Download your FREE Bodi Posi guide now! Download here