Hyglo self tan serum bottles floating in mid air on blue background
What’s blue, ultra-hydrating and here to change your LIFE? HYGLO!

Our NEW HYGLO serums for Face and Body are powered by hydrating hyaluronic acid, nourishing superfood ingredients and the perfect amount of gradual glow. Choose HYGLO for brighter, dewier, plumper, hydrated, GLOWING skin!

The difference between HYGLO Face & Body is similar to the difference between your regular face & body moisturisers. You wouldn’t use your body moisturiser on your face, right? Well, the same goes here. We’ve designed each formula with the perfect percentage of actives to deliver noticeable results targeted to each area. Plus, we’ve added our special firming actives to our Body version; for smoother, softer skin all over.

So, let’s break down the benefits of each:

HYGLO Face Serum

  • Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1000x its weight in water- perfect for thirsty skin!
  • Apply directly to skin with dropper for an easy, mess-free application
  • With the perfect level of gradual tanner, use whenever you need a little extra glow

HYGLO Body Serum

  • Firming actives deliver touchably smoother, softer skin all over
  • The lightweight texture dries quickly, so you can apply morning or night
  • No guide colour means no transfer! This is clean tanning

The signature “Paradise” gradual glow means these serums are your perfect summer skincare solution. Just apply a couple of drops and get ready to H2o GLOW.

Like all IOP products, both are clean, cruelty free & vegan.

Click here to supercharge your self-tan. Available now from:

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