The Science Behind Tan: How Sunless Tanning Products Work

The Science Behind Tan: How Sunless Tanning Products Work

You’ve decided to jump into the world of self-tanning. From tanning drops to mousses, you can get a flawless, golden glow without the use of harsh UV rays. But how do our products work to make your skin bronze and beautiful?

The chemistry of sunless tanning

Meet DHA – our tan bestie: So, the star of the show in most sunless tanning products is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This superhero is a simple carb that loves to mingle with the amino acids in your skin’s top dead layer. We call this chemical soirée the Maillard reaction – just like the one that makes your cookies turn deliciously golden brown!

What’s the scoop on the Maillard reaction? Remember when your grandma’s cookies browned in the oven? That’s the Maillard reaction at work! When DHA has a little casual conversation with your skin’s amino acids, voilà! Melanoidins, those brown compounds, come to the party. It takes a few hours for this glow-up to fully unfold, sticking around for several fabulous days.

How sunless tanning products do their thing

Slay with application: Once you slather on your favorite sunless tanning potion (DHA-packed, of course), it gets cozy with your epidermis – that’s the fancy name for the outer skin layer. It only hangs out there, no deeper, as your skin naturally sheds those dead cells. This creates a gradual fade, just like nature intended!

Tan depth and smoothness: Your tan’s depth depends on the DHA concentration and your skin’s personality. Want that Insta-worthy evenness? Smooth application and your skin’s exfoliation game are the MVPs. So, make sure you’re putting some extra time and effort into your preparation.

Safety first: While DHA’s a champ for most skin types, it might stir up trouble for some sensitive folks. Be careful around the eyes and stick to the application instructions for a hassle-free glow.

Perks and quirks

UV protection fact check: Your sunless tan won’t shield you from UV rays! So, don’t ditch that sunscreen.

Temporary glam: Sunless tans are fab for quick bronzing fixes – perfect for events or seasons. But, if you want that glow to linger, it’s all about that maintenance game.

View our range of self-tanner products to find something perfect for you and your skin.

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