If you already know & love Isle of Paradise, chances are you already know & love our drops too! Our completely customisable, colour correcting self-tanning drops mix with any of your existing face or body skincare to give a glow you control. Sounds great, right? But let’s face it, a little hint/tip here & there wouldn’t go amiss when it comes to applying & maintaining our glow. 

So, it’s time to drop EVERYTHING- let’s dive in for some expert advice. 


Tip 1 

Don’t limit your glow: When we created our Self-Tanning Drops, we knew that we wanted to create a product that worked easily for both tanners, and non-tanners alike.  So you can mix these babies with your foundation or serum, not just moisturisers! And they’re super adaptable, so you can use them on your face or body- morning or night. Pretty amazing, right? 


Tip 2 

Colour correct for brighter, happier skin: 

As a colour corrective self-tanning brand, using the drops on your face works like a semi-permanent tinted moisturiser to brighten tone & hide dark circles! Fun fact: we include a base level of all our colour-correcting actives in each product, meaning no matter which shade of Isle of Paradise that you choose, you’re still going to tick all those skin-loving boxes!


Tip 3 

Customise your glow! 

Babe, we know that different events call for different levels of glow. So drop it differently depending on the occasion- use a couple everyday & more for a big weekend away… The more drops you add, the deeper your tan will be- so find out what works for you & glow with it!


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