Your Guide to Achieving a Gorgeous Tan Without the Clean-Up Hassle  

Ready to dive into the world of hassle-free tanning that’ll have you rocking that golden hue without the fuss? Say goodbye to messy applications and long cleanups because we’ve got the lowdown on easy self-tanning methods that’ll leave you looking flawless with minimal effort!


Tanning drops for mastering precision

Thinking about trying tanning drops? They’re your tanning Picasso! Mix these concentrated drops with your daily lotion for a customised glow that suits your vibe – without the mess or change up in your usual routine.

Tips for tanning drops:

  • Blend those drops with your trusty moisturiser for an even, radiant application.
  • Start slow with your drops, then gradually build up to your desired glow.
  • Post-application hygiene is key! Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid surprise stains.

Clear tanning mousses

Step up your tanning game with these clear champions! They go on clear and develop their magic over time, saving your clothes and bedding from tan-tastrophes.

Tips for clear mousses and gels:

  • Bright lights, big tan! Apply in a well-lit room to ensure no spot is left untanned.
  • Give it a few minutes to dry before slipping into your fab outfit.
  • Hydration means longevity! Regularly moisturise to keep that tan shining bright.

Pre-tan prep for laying the groundwork

Set the stage for your tan adventure! Exfoliate those dead skin cells away, especially on elbows and knees. Pro tip: moisturise these areas beforehand for even tan absorption!

Post-tan care for sustaining the glow

Nourish that tan to keep it glowing! Reach for a fragrance-free lotion to hydrate and maintain that radiant vibe. Skip the harsh soaps and exfoliators – they’re the villains who fade your tan way too soon!Unsure which self-tanner is best for your skin? See our guide to help you decide which tan you should be trying next. 

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