Skin concern: dullness

Ready to take on dull skin? Let’s glow!

Let’s be real, all complexions sometimes suffer from dullness. Everyday events like harsh weather can act as a contributing factor, leaving skin looking less than its beautiful best. 

To help mitigate this, we’ve developed OXY-glow™ Technology, derived from an organic compound of amino acids, clinically proven to deliver oxygen to the surface of the skin to give you a brighter, more radiant complexion. 

Formulated at a base level across each of our shades, this wonder active is boosted for extra brightness in our Peach range. 

Select for skin that looks brighter and more illuminated, whilst also fighting the key signs of inflammation every day. Sounds good, right?

Products for Dullness

the results

I have used loads of fake tans over the years and they always look fake, far too yellow/orange for my pale skin, even the gradual ones. At last the perfect fake tan, it glides on easily with a lovely guide colour, the smell is beautiful and no weird smell either. The light shade makes my skin glow and more importantly it does not make the freckles on my arms look darker, I am so impressed and will be ordering again.

Yvonne Coogan

Have just tried this after using the drops for my face, I’ve prepped carefully and used the ‘prep it’ spray (all were on offer in Boots) and it’s now been 6 hours and have such a lush glow (I am usually super pale) that would take me a week to get in the sun, subtle but effective and no streaks, no nasty smell or residue – LOVE IT!

Ellie P

I cannot stress enough how amazing this is! I have really really fair skin, almost white and I had never self tanned before because I thought it would turn orange, but this stuff is incredible. It just gives me a really glowy sunkissed look and I’ve got so many compliments whenever I put it on. The smell is incredible as well. Love it


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